How To Do Vintage Fingerwaves

Vintage Finger Wave Guide

One of the most amazing hairstyling techniques in the vintage era has to be the Vintage Finger waves. They were once the top hair  styling technique of the rich and famous back in the 1920’s and ’30’s.

Women would take the vintage finger wave and use it in a myriad of different ways. Not only was this style something that the In women HAD TO HAVE – but it was something that took real skill , only the best and most professional hairstylists could do the vintage finger wave properly – let alone do it with real style and have it hold properly.

Art of Finger Waving — Recreating Vintage 1920s and 1930s Hairstyles

And women of today are definitely gravitating to the old vintage finger waves of yesterday, think of Christina Aguilera and other young starletts and musicians -even Gwen Stefani made this style popular.

Here is a great guide that will show you some amazing vintage finger waving techniques:

-Art of Finger Waving –

Recreating Vintage 1920s and 1930s Hairstyles

This amazing vintage hairstyle book will take you back to the initial time of finger waving and show you the exact process for doing finger waves like a professional hair stylist.

Written and created for women with little no experience – and professional hairstylists to study with, the ‘Art of Fingerwaving: Recreating Vintage 1920’s and 1930’s Hairstyles’ has become the ‘go-to’ hairstyling book for women everywhere.

And it will be very popular with you and your friends as well- giving tons of idea’s and vintage hairstyle ideas for weddings, special occasions and more for years to come.

Originally published in 1930, this rare book contains very detailed instructions and illustrations for recreating the fantastic long and short hair finger wave styles of the 1920s and 1930s. Finger waving is the shaping of the hair while wet into “s-curved” undulations using your fingers and a comb.

What You Learn In This Finger Waving Book

You’ll learn this technique as well as creating the three types of swirls to use based on the hair type of the wearer. The book begins with demonstrating the finger waving technique using numbered illustrations as well as text descriptions.

After learning the technique, the book gives detailed illustrations and instructions for creating:

  • Pompadour Finger Wave
  • Varsity Bob, French Cocktail Bob
  • Lorelei Bob, Windblown Bob
  • Extreme French Swirl
  • Whoopee Bob
  • Cincy Bob
  • Long Bob
  • Billie Dove Bob
  • Clara Bow Bob
  • Push-Up Wave

Check out this amazing Vintage Finger Wave book for yourself:

Art of Finger Waving — Recreating Vintage 1920s and 1930s Hairstyles

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